What is Teledentistry

Lately, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the terms “telemedicine” or “virtual doctors” and you may be wondering if you can take advantage of this new medical advantage for your next dental appointment. 

The good news is through this site, the Verber Dental Group is now able to provide dental services to residents in Central PA using the power of teledentistry. 

Teledentistry is simply the use of secure technology to allow you to connect to one of our dentists through the safety and convenience of your home. Whether it’s due to an emergency, limited access to a dentist, distance from a dentist, or restrictions on your ability to travel, virtual dental care is able to provide you with access to dental care, speak with a dentist, and receive a solution to any dental problems you may have. 

Sometimes you may be able to arrive at a solution with your dentist over the virtual dental appointment, or your dentist may suggest a visit with one of our emergency on-call dentists to see you immediately to take care of your dental problem. 

Where does a teledentistry or virtual dentist appointment take place?

A teledentistry appointment takes place from anywhere you are! That’s the main advantage of this service, to provide you with the care you need from the comfort and safety of your own home, or if you’re traveling and away from your home dentist. The nature of these appointments using video and audio connectivity allow your virtual dentist appointment to occur in real-time from almost any location. 

Advantages of Teledentistry

Can be more affordable than in-office visits

The use of teledentistry for patients in need of more urgent and immediate care has proven to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of care, as well as increase overall patient safety by reducing travel times, reduced physical contact for vulnerable patients, and reduction of in-person appointments. 

Improved access to care and convenience for patients  

Let’s be honest, it seems like our lives are constantly getting busier day by day, so it can be harder to maintain and keep your appointments. If you’re able to see your dentist via a virtual call either while you’re traveling, at home with the kids, or through your busy workday, it makes access to dental care easier and faster for you!

Same level of care as in-office visits

There has been a lot of research to prove that quality of care and the success rates of treatment for patients remained the same whether patients sought care first through a teledentistry appointment or with an in-office visit. 

We make it easy to see a dentist virtually!

The good news is that you have access to teledentistry through the Verber Dental Group and our network of dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists. Our local dental offices that participate in TellTheDentist.com virtual dentistry include:

If you’re interested in scheduling a virtual dental appointment today you can request an appointment here or call our team at 717.253.9833.

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